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Ravens Play Dirty and Target Harrison… Apparently.


Ravens Suck

Well Ravens you thought you could get away with playing dirty. Well actually you kind of did, because even though all the fans and players saw what you were doing during the game the refs seemed to ignore it. I’m sure you are all still angered at the roughing up of Ben and the attempted mutilation of Heath. Well at least with those we get some type of mental compensation seeing Nagta and McClain’s checkbooks take a hit. However there were other dirty parts of this game, I believe when Suggs was trying to sack Ben which he failed to do he got a little rough with it smacking him in the head a few times.  There is also another incident however, that most if not all of us have missed.  Let me take you back to the one touchdown the Ravens scored ( awful coverage by McFadden), but that’s not it go to the extra point  for that touchdown. Apparently they were targeting star LB James Harrison with their ‘Accidental False Start’.  According to the report in the Post Gazette they believe it was an intentional attempt to hurt Harrison. James said in the Post Gazette article that it was obviously deliberate because OL’s don’t shootout on extra points which makes a whole lot of sense. Another thing he said that was a persuader of sorts is that they’ve got not much to lose but a whole lot to gain. If it works out they take out our All-Star LB, but if it doesn’t all the lose is five yards and get to rekick the XP. It wasn’t just Harrison that knew it was a dirty move on the Ravens part. James Farrior also said he knew it was a dirty play too.  Even Santa Claus Brett Keisel thought the same saying  that he thought the Ravens were trying to take Harrison down. I think it’s clear the Ravens were playing a dirty game, and all the evidence points to this being a dirty attempt to hurt a Star. Though what do you expect from the RATBIRDS.



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