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Why I Want to See Pouncey in a Steelers Jersey.

This is the third installment of  Why I Want to See _____ in a Steelers Jersey. You can read the last article about Brandon Harris here.

You might be thinking out loud, in your head, or to a buddy, “Hey, two Pouncey’s? That’d be great!” My thoughts exactly, but would having two Pouncey’s actually benefit the Steelers?  Yeah, I think it would. Maurkice or Mark, as I call him a really good center, and Mike, a really swell guard, that would overall benefit the Steelers O-Line.

The first reason is that the Steelers need some BIG help in the Offensive Line department. Do

If you want to see what Mike looks like in a Steeler Jersey, just look at a picture of Maurkice

you know how many sacks they have given up on Ben Roethlisberger? 274. Compared to a team like the New England Patriots who only gave up 187 sacks since ’04. If you ask me, or anybody else for that matter, that’s a whale of a difference. I believe that Mike Pouncey can sway that number in the right direction. Although the O-Line has seemed to improve slightly, Mike Pouncey could be an immediate upgrade to the guards, which consist of Chris KemoeatuTrai Essex, and Ramon Foster. Plus he is a very versatile lineman so he can help out at any position, if needed.


Another reason is that Mike and Mark are identical twins. That, I believe, means they have the same exact genes and therefore would equally be as good at football as the other. Unless of course one of them trains and works harder than the other. This could be a totally unfounded statement, but I think its true. Also we already know how he would look Black and Gold.

Quick Look at Mike Pouncey

Height- 6’5″

Weight- 303 lbs

40 YD Dash- 5.2

Bench Reps- 24 at 225 lbs