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Who Does Pittsburgh Hate the Most?

March 24, 2011 5 comments

This is something I’ve always wanted to find out and discuss. What Pittsburgh Rival is the most hated? Each team in Pittsburgh has its own rivals, but which rival draws the most hatred out of Pittsburghers? That is what I’ll examine here I am going to pick the biggest rival for each team in the Burgh, and determine which one should be considered the Most Hated Team in Pittsburgh.


I Think this was the easiest one for me to pick. Although you can say the Steelers have many rivals the Browns, Bengals, Patriots, my pick is the Baltimore Ravens. I think this rivalry initially stemmed from the Ravens actually being the Browns. Yes back at the beginning of the Ravens they were just the Browns transplanted to another city, and that gave Pittsburgh a reason to dislike them. Then it turned out they were actually pretty good. Through the first four years there wasn’t much competition as the Steelers Went 6-2. In 2000 however the Ravens won the Superbowl only adding fuel to the rivalry. I think this rivalry has really shot off since Ben Roethlisberger has been here. Not only because Ben is 9-2 against the Ravens in his career including playoffs, but also because we’ve won two Superbowls & beat them twice in the playoffs. Plus all the HUGE hits, Smack talk, and Dirtiness in the games fuels it even more.

All Time Record– Steelers up 22-12 (playoffs included)


This one was little harder for me to pick seeing as the Pirates have been perennial losers for 19 years and haven’t been on anyones radar as a rival.  I mean obviously I think that there is a natural rivalry between you and anyone in your division. What teams does that leave us with Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, and St. Louis Cardinals. I suppose you could put the Mets or Phillies here too, but I think those were more relevant when they played them more often. Anyways my choice is the Brewers. I feel as though that this is probably how the Browns feel about the Steelers, not a huge competition they pretty much beat us every time and that’s why we hate them.  Look at just last season and you can see some of the reasons of course there is the 20-0 loss the worst loss in franchise history. Then of course the 22 game losing streak at Miller Park that was finally broken last year.

2010 Record- Brewers 13-5


This one was also a little harder for me to figure out but it is because I’m not a huge hockey follower, but I do know a lot of people who are huge hockey fans so I figured I’d ask them. Like I’ve stated before there is a natural rivalry with any team in your division, and for the Pens these teams are The Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers. It’s obvious out of those that the biggest rivalry is the Flyers. With the Pens though there are also some other teams who are rivals that aren’t in the division a huge one being The Washington Capitals, but also you could put the Ottawa Senators here too. My choice came down to the Caps and Flyers and my final choice is the Flyers. When these two teams get together there is pure hatred. Plus since both Teams are excellent right now it’s like the Ravens & Steelers rivalry it could go either way at any time. In their two most recent playoff  meetings the Pens have beat the Flyers, which is huge in a rivalry.

All Time Record- Flyers Up 136- 80- 30 Playoff Series Flyers up 3-2

Pitt Football/Basketball

Lets just take a look at the Teams in the Big East in Football you have CincinnatiConnecticutLouisvilleRutgersSouth FloridaSyracuseWest Virginia. I don’t think there is any real competition here as to who I’m gonna choose here obviously it is the WVU Mountaineers. This is probably one of the biggest college football rivalries.  The Backyard Brawl has so much history behind it and each year it’s a great game.

All Time Record- Pitt Up 61-39-3

Now Lets take a look at Pitt basketball, the Big East has a few more teams that play basketball but I think the biggest rivalries are WVU, U Conn, Notre Dame, and Georgetown. Out of these The one I think that is the biggest is Pitt Vs. U Conn Huskies. I think it could go either way here, but in my eyes some of these games have been pretty awesome and intense. This rivalry really sprung from the Big East Championships they played the Panthers in the Big East Tournament championship game in 20022003, and 2004.


Seeing as the Pittsburgh Power have only played two games, they don’t really have a rival yet. However there’s the divisional rival thing, which consists of the Cleveland GladiatorsMilwaukee Mustangs, and Philadelphia Soul. I would call the Philadelphia Soul the biggest rival of the Power, Since I hate all things Philadelphia.

All Time Record- Soul up 1-0


Why I Want to See Baldwin in a Steelers Jersey.

March 18, 2011 1 comment

Well it is once again time to speculate who will get drafted where and what team will take who. I know a lot of people make mock drafts, but I simply don’t patience or time. So I will simply do a series of why I want to see (Insert Steelers first pick worthy player) in a Steelers jersey. In the First installment here I want to talk about one of my favorite receivers ever Jonathan Baldwin.

First of all I think the main reason I want to see Baldwin in a Steelers jersey is just because I like him so much. I’ve followed this dude since he was in High School, and he was in probably my favorite football games of all time. This was a High school game but boy was I impressed, It ended being pretty much Terrelle Pryor Vs. Jon Baldwin. Then of course I’ve followed him in college, since he played for my favorite school. He didn’t disappoint me there either all be it he didn’t look as great as he could have, but I blame that on Pitt being unable to recruit a legit QB. However my strong obsession does not give the Steelers a legitimate reason to take Baldwin, but there are many other reasons why he would be a smart pick.

Lets get to the real reasons why I think he should be in a Steelers jersey. Well my first reason would that the Steelers need WR help. They may not need this a direly as OL or secondary help, but help at the WR position is needed. Lets take a look Hines Ward although once our #1 receiver has lost a step and is on the downside of his Career, next is Mike “THE FLASH” Wallace he is one of the top young guys at his position however he can’t do it alone he’ll need help (Baldwin), and the other two guys

Manny Sanders and Antonio Brown

Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown looked OK last year but just ok gets you a bunch of losses in the AFC Championship game. I think if they took Baldwin he would instantly be the 2nd or 3rd best WR on the team, and after a while he’d be their #1. Another strong reason why I want to see JB in a Steelers jersey is because I think he may be the best player available when they pick at 31. I think most want to see the Steelers pick an O Lineman or a Cornerback, but there may not be one available that is the worth taking in the first round. While on the other hand Baldwin is definitely worth a first round pick. Next I want to see him in a Steelers jersey because he is from Pittsburgh. Isn’t this a classic story that everyone loves to see, a hometown fella that becomes a superstar for his hometown team. Plus isn’t the NFL a business all about making money, I think it’s a good PR move. Finally wouldn’t he just look magnificent in Black and Gold?

Quick Look at Jon Baldwin

Height: 6-5

Weight: 225

40 YD Dash: 4.50

Vert Jump: 42.0

College Career Stats: 128 Rec, 2337 Yards, 16 TD

How Far Will Pitt Go?

March 15, 2011 1 comment

As we all know it’s that time of year again Tourney time.  What seems as common as the Tournament is the Pitt Panthers being in it. Then again as common as that they seem to disappoint.  That brings us to the big question how far will they go this year? I think this could be the year they show they are a real deal team and really do something in the tournament. I will use my final Bracket to explain why I believe they make it to the Final Four. First of all I think Pitt may have gotten the easiest region to succeed in and that helps them a lot. I think the southeast is just full of upset potential, and that gives Pitt an even easier road.

Ashton Gibbs

I usually don’t like saying something is a sure thing but if you pick Pitt to lose in the first round then you’re wrong its plain and simple it has never happened won’t happen this year, and may never happen.  Out of the two possible teams they’ll play in the second round I see it being Old Dominion. Don’t ask why I did my research, and Pitt’s second opponent will be Old Dominion. However after pulling the tiny upset of a 9 over an 8 they most certainly won’t pull out the big upset by beating number 1 Pitt. Either way though if I end up being wrong, and there is a chance, They will beat Butler too they will make it to the Sweet 16.  Now let me explain why in the Sweet 16 they will play 13 Belmont. In the first round I’m calling two big upsets in the southeast region 13 Belmont over 4 Wisconsin and 12 Utah State over 5 Kansas State. Those are Pretty bold predictions, but like I said before I’ve done some homework and I really feel like these can and will happen. If I’m right here this makes the road for Pitt a lot easier, I mean would you rather play the winner of a 12 & 13 match up or a 4 & 5 game. However if I am wrong the only team out of these four that I don’t want to see Pitt play is Kansas State, because even though I think they are overrated and will lose in the first round I think they play a type of basketball that can beat Pitt. The other game I see happening in the southeast Sweet 16 is a 6 St. Johns Vs. 2 Florida, and out of that number 2 Florida wins it.

In the Elite 8 of the southeast region Pitt will Play number 2 Florida. This will be the toughest game so far and this could be were their journey, or should I say tourney, ends. Being a Pitt fan though comes into effect here and I pick them to win it, however you can question this decision no evidence just guesses/hope/gut feeling. What a magical idea Pitt in the Final Four, well if you are as crazy as me you can see it happening. Who do I have coming out of the southwest region to play Pitt you ask, I have 1 Kansas. I just don’t see another team out of that region being able to oust Kansas. This However I believe will be the end of a Fantastic Tournament for the Pitt Panthers. My heart says pick Pitt but my mind and money says don’t. I just can’t envision a scenario where they can beat Kansas. Hopefully both for my money and heart all my predictions are right. A Final Four appearance would be great, So Good Luck Pitt.

What Team Do You Love The Most?

December 16, 2010 1 comment

Which Team Do You Like The Most

I’m just curious about which team you all love to see the most of. If I had to choose and it’s like choosing between your children I’d have to say the Steelers. I just love football so much more than any other sport, and I just love Steeler football. Anyways take the poll and vote for your favorite and we’ll see who wins.

Will Pittsburgh get Another Hero From Miami Ohio?

December 16, 2010 1 comment

We Will Miss You Mustache.

Well the Dave Wannstedt era is now over, the thing I think I’ll miss the most is of course the mustache. In all seriousness though I don’t know about you, but I know I will miss him. I think the greatest thing he did during his tenure at Pitt was his wonderful recruiting.  His coaching could come into question though as it seemed like the Panthers always found a way to let us down in some capacity during Wannstedt’s years.  That’s all over now and the new Mike Haywood era begins. Right off the bat I notice one huge problem with him no beautiful mustache. I can let that go I guess, but I still make the request Mike please grow a mustache. Lets get into the seriousness business though will Coach Haywood be a good coach or more importantly in my eyes a good recruiter.  One thing that makes me think he is going to be a good recruiter is that he once held the position of recruiting coordinator so he must know a little bit about that. Another thing I like about him is the time he has spent with all  these major programs, it makes it seem as though he’ll know what winning is all about.

No Mustache, but Let's give Him a Chance

He spent 95-02 with LSU during his time there they went to six bowl games. The best part is he spent time under Coach Nick Saban who I think is an excellent coach. Then from 03-04 he was in Texas, and in both years the went to bowl games plus he coached under Mack Brown who is another superb coach. From 05-08 he was with Notre Dame as their O coordinator during his time there he coached under Charlie Weis and went to 3 bowl games. All the factors put together make me believe he has a chance to be a great coach, and I haven’t even mentioned what he did as a head coach. He was the head coach of Miami Ohio from 09-10. In 09 he led his team to only a 1-11 record, but he had really nothing to work with.  Then in 2010 he did what I think he is really capable of and took his team to the Bowl with a 9-4 record. If you look at just his 2 seasons at Miami O then it is clear he did something right to take the team from a 1-11 record to a 9-4 record is a big accomplishment. Now he comes and takes over a talented yet under achieving team in the Pittsburgh Panthers. They of course finished the season with an ok yet disappointing  record of 7-5 and an appearance in the BBVA Compass Bowl. I can’t see this team having a record worse than 7-5 next year I see equaling or improving on that record under a better coach, and hopefully equally as good recruiter.  As you know the last guy Pittsburgh took from Miami Ohio has won the city two Super Bowls, hopefully we can strike gold twice and get another hero from Miami O and bring us some National Championships. All we can do is give him a chance.