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Why I Want to See Baldwin in a Steelers Jersey.

March 18, 2011 1 comment

Well it is once again time to speculate who will get drafted where and what team will take who. I know a lot of people make mock drafts, but I simply don’t patience or time. So I will simply do a series of why I want to see (Insert Steelers first pick worthy player) in a Steelers jersey. In the First installment here I want to talk about one of my favorite receivers ever Jonathan Baldwin.

First of all I think the main reason I want to see Baldwin in a Steelers jersey is just because I like him so much. I’ve followed this dude since he was in High School, and he was in probably my favorite football games of all time. This was a High school game but boy was I impressed, It ended being pretty much Terrelle Pryor Vs. Jon Baldwin. Then of course I’ve followed him in college, since he played for my favorite school. He didn’t disappoint me there either all be it he didn’t look as great as he could have, but I blame that on Pitt being unable to recruit a legit QB. However my strong obsession does not give the Steelers a legitimate reason to take Baldwin, but there are many other reasons why he would be a smart pick.

Lets get to the real reasons why I think he should be in a Steelers jersey. Well my first reason would that the Steelers need WR help. They may not need this a direly as OL or secondary help, but help at the WR position is needed. Lets take a look Hines Ward although once our #1 receiver has lost a step and is on the downside of his Career, next is Mike “THE FLASH” Wallace he is one of the top young guys at his position however he can’t do it alone he’ll need help (Baldwin), and the other two guys

Manny Sanders and Antonio Brown

Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown looked OK last year but just ok gets you a bunch of losses in the AFC Championship game. I think if they took Baldwin he would instantly be the 2nd or 3rd best WR on the team, and after a while he’d be their #1. Another strong reason why I want to see JB in a Steelers jersey is because I think he may be the best player available when they pick at 31. I think most want to see the Steelers pick an O Lineman or a Cornerback, but there may not be one available that is the worth taking in the first round. While on the other hand Baldwin is definitely worth a first round pick. Next I want to see him in a Steelers jersey because he is from Pittsburgh. Isn’t this a classic story that everyone loves to see, a hometown fella that becomes a superstar for his hometown team. Plus isn’t the NFL a business all about making money, I think it’s a good PR move. Finally wouldn’t he just look magnificent in Black and Gold?

Quick Look at Jon Baldwin

Height: 6-5

Weight: 225

40 YD Dash: 4.50

Vert Jump: 42.0

College Career Stats: 128 Rec, 2337 Yards, 16 TD


Top Ten Steelers of the 2010 Regular Season. (Part Two)

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

So here we go our top five Steelers of the regular season. I knew these were the five that deserved to be up here but putting them in a particular order was tough for me, and well here it is

5. Rashard Mendenhall

I think a spot in the top 5 is well deserved just due to his stats, however it was hard for me to decide where in the top 5 to put him. Finally though I decided he belonged at number 5. As I just said his stats were great, He carried 324 times for 1,273 for an average of 3.9 and 13 rushing TDs.  He was also a small help in the passing game catching 23 pass for 167 yards. I think his touchdowns alone are a spectacular stat 13 is tied for second most in Steelers history by a running back. I think that he was robbed of a spot in the Pro bowl.

4. Maurkice Pouncey

WOW! Would be the first thing I have to say about Pouncey. Who thought after pick 18 of the 2010 NFL draft that we would have a star rookie center. He is a Pro Bowl center as a rookie that is amazing . He is the first rookie O lineman to do so since tackle Frank Varrichione for the 1955 season.Now that is quite an accomplishment. Plus he has done well with a crew of misfits beside him on the line

3. Mike Wallace

Mike "The Flash" Wallace

Faster than the speed of light, Mike “The FlashWallace, takes the third spot in our top ten. Everyone thought with Santonio Holmes gone we would have big problems in the WR position but we didn’t miss a beat with Wallace. One reason I put him on here is because with the stats he has, he should be a Pro Bowl wide receiver. His stats include: 60 catches for 1,257 yards and 10 TDs. Also amazingly 26 20+ yard catches and 10 40+ yard catches. We can’t forget his 7 100+ yard games either.




2. Ben Roethlisberger

A QB is the leader of a football team. That is exactly what Ben has been this year a leader even through good and bad situations. I mean we all now how the year started with him in a little trouble with the league, but once his suspension was over he stepped in lead the team to 9 wins. His stats weren’t to shabby either he thew for 3,200 yards and 17  touchdowns. The best thing I liked out of Ben was seeing sort of a maturing on the field he threw only 5 interceptions and was only sacked 32 times. The thing I like the most about Ben is he just knows how to win, and that’s what he’s done this year.

1. Troy Polamalu

Who knows who the best player is better than the team? Well no one, they voted Troy Polamalu as their team MVP so in my eyes that automatically gives him this spot. That however is not alone why I gave him this spot, another reason would be that he is a game changer at any point of the game (Like in the Ravens Game) he can make a play that wins the game. The third reason would be his stats, he didn’t get into the Pro Bowl for no reason. His stats were 63 tackles 1 sack 1 forced fumble and 7 interceptions, which was tied best career year.

Top Ten Steelers of the 2010 Regular Season. (Part One)

January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking back at this regular season it was a success, I mean this year would be an ultimate success with a Super Bowl win. Really though a 12-4 season, an AFC north title, and a 2nd seed in the playoffs can be viewed as a successful regular season. Who contributed to this season the most is what I want to know, who were the top 10 players this season.

10. Ziggy Hood

You can’t underestimate what he has meant to this team everyone panicked when we lost our star defensive end Aaron Smith. Ziggy has stepped in quietly and been solid helping one of the best run defenses we have ever seen. His stats were  15 tackles 5 assists and 3 sacks, like I said nothing spectacular but he has stepped up when we needed it.

9.Shaun Suisham

This is again the case of someone stepping into a spot that is sort of an unsung hero. After the debacle that we as saw go down with Jeff Reed we really needed someone to step in and just do a solid job, and Suisham has done just that. He finished off the regular season completing 14 of 15 field goals, and more importantly some of those were clutch kicks that helped the Steelers get to this juncture.

8.James Farrior

Who says age is a bad thing. Farrior who is 35 and in his 14th season in the NFL showed this year that he ain’t done yet. He had an excellent year and in my opinion was one of the Steelers who was snubbed from the Pro Bowl. His final stats on the season were 109 tackles 6 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Farrior was one on the players that needed to show that he could still do his job and he sure did and that is another reason why the Steelers are where they are.

7. Hines Ward

One of the reasons I chose Ward for this spot is because he is Hines Ward, and I just wouldn’t be able to leave him off this list.  Another reason why is because I believe when they really needed someone to step up at some points the relied on him. He had 4 100 yard games this season 3 of which were in close games this shows me that in the clutch we can rely on Hines even if we can’t rely on him 100% of the time.  I also believe that he has probably helped in the development of the young guys Wallace, Sanders, and Brown. His stats 59 catches 755 yards and 5 touchdowns not the most spectacular but when combined with all the intangibles that puts him on this list.

6. James Harrison

James "Silverback" Harrison

After another solid year Harrison had to be on this list. His stats alone put him on the list 100 tackles 10.5 sacks 6 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions. Plus I think that shelling out $100,000 in fines warrants a spot on my list oh and another Pro Bowl appearance helps him out too. I almost forgot He does all this while getting held on nearly every play.