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Why I Want to See Harris in a Steelers Jersey.

March 20, 2011 1 comment

This is the second installment of  Why I Want to See _____ in a Steelers Jersey. You can read the last article about Jonathan Baldwin here. This time I decided to pick a guy on the other side of the ball, and a guy who fits the team needs . Brandon Harris is the man I want to see in a Steelers jersey.  Now I must say I don’t feel like I know as much about Harris as I’d like, but I’ve read up on him & I’m starting to like what I see.

Brandon Harris Future Steeler... Maybe

It is clear why they should draft him, because CB is their weakest position in my eyes. I know some would say that the offensive line is the worst part of the team, but I think of the O-Line like I do a bullpen in baseball you can assemble one that isn’t great but will get you through the season. Plus think about this does another O-Lineman get them a win in the Super  Bowl, nope, but I think a better secondary does. Let’s take a look at what they have assuming they resign Ike Taylor he is clearly the top CB on the team, and in my eyes he is an elite cover man, he is getting older though plus there is no guarantee he comes back.  Next you have Bryant McFadden who sometimes looks like a legit #2 CB, but most of the time looks like well nothing. Then you’ve got William Gay who I don’t even want to speak about, and the younger guys Crezdon Butler and Keenan Lewis who could be serviceable players or could be nothing.  Drafting Harris would not immediately improve that, but he could probably be a nickel guy until he improved enough I do think he’d be the #1 CB with time though. Like I said in my last article they clearly won’t be able to get the top guys like Patrick Peterson, Prince Nakamura, or even Jimmy Smith unless they trade up. Another reason I like the idea of Brandon Harris in Steelers jersey is because of the great NFL players the University of Miami has already produced.  Just take a quick look at this list Frank Gore, Devin Hester, Ray Lewis, Brandon Meriweather, Ed Reed, Jonathan Vilma, Reggie Wayne. That is not even all the greats I could have mentioned, anyway what does this have to do with Harris well if this many great players came from Miami then doesn’t that make the chances of him being good. It also is always good to hear that a guy has good character or work ethic, that’s what I’m seeing about Harris while I have seen the exact opposite talk about Jimmy Smith. Finally wouldn’t he just look magnificent in Black and Gold?


Harris is a true gamer that is at his best when the lights are on and he has the tools to become a starting cornerback at the next level. He excels in man coverage, as he is explosive with an elite closing burst and he has very fluid hips to maintain speed in transition. He also shows very good instincts when lined up one-on-one, but he seems confused at times in zone coverage and can get caught out of position. His press skills are still raw, but he is a strong kid with a tireless work ethic and he should be a mid-to-late first round pick.

Quick Look at Brandon Harris

Height- 5’10”

Weight- 191 lbs

40 YD Dash- 4.53

Vert Jump- 35.5″

College Career Stats: 129 Tackles, 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 4 inteceptions