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Free Agents I’d Love to See in a Steelers Jersey, but Probably Won’t.

There is so much uncertainty going into free agency in the NFL , and with the Steelers there can never be much expected as they like to build from within and worry about their own free agents. However as a fan my job is to speculate, hope, and dream. Here ya go then the free agents I’d Love to see in a Steelers jersey, but probably won’t.

Santonio Holmes

Reasons Why I want Him

Santonio Holmes is a guy I’d love to see Back is a Steelers Jersey. I think we all know that the Steelers receiving corp is ok, but adding Santonio who had a great career as a Steeler, would give us a Great offense.  He is an explosive playmaker, and would be a great addition

Reasons Why it Won’t Happen

Well We all know how the Santonio as a Steeler era ended, with him throwing drinks at people and tweeting about his “Waken & Baken” . Plus I can see him wanting more $$$ than the  Steelers would offer. One other thing would be him not resigning with the Jets, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t

Reasons Why I want Him

Plaxico Burress

Well here’s yet another former Black and Gold wearing WR that I’d love to see wear the Jersey again. One reason here is that ever since he has been gone  the Steelers have lacked a big receiver , a threat in the red zone.  Looking at their 2010 season they scored only 24 TD’s in 49 red zone trips.  Plus if you look at his stats Plaxico was a great WR over his career with 505 Receptions 7845 Yards and 55 TD’s.

Reasons Why it Won’t Happen

Well with him just getting out of Prison it is questionable what th NFL will even do with Him. Then you have to imagine that even though he was never much of a problem as a Steeler he did have problems afterwords, and we all Know the Steelers are unlikely to sign someone like that.

Santana Moss

Reasons Why I Want Him

When I think of Santana Moss I see a less talented version of Santonio Holmes and a much more talented version of Antwaan Randle El. He’d be a great addition to a Group WR that are pretty good. He’s had a great career so far and being 31 could close up his playing years with the Steelers.

Reasons Why it Won’t Happen

Out of my three suggestions so far I see this as the most likely.  He might command a high pay-day, but nothing too big and as far as I can see he is a model citizen exactly Steelers material. The only thing I see that would make this not happen is the Steelers Simply don’t sign a lot of FA’s

Reasons Why I Want Him

Nnamdi Asomugha

Well its simple in my eyes Nnamdi Asomugha is the best CB in the league and the defensive back field may be the weakest part of the Steelers defense.  Also think of this would it be smarter to keep Ike Taylor for big bucks or add Asomugha for big bucks. Either way I really think the Steelers DB’s will still be the weak point because the depth is horrid

Reasons Why it Won’t Happen

Also a pretty simple explanation he will be one of the most sought after FA’s and he’ll command huge bucks.  How often have the Steelers went out and snagged one of the biggest names on the market, off the top of my head never, and that won’t  change even though Nnamdi is perfect Steelers material.

Others I’d Like to See

Alan Faneca – Isn’t it always cool to see a familiar old face again.

Antonio Cromartie-  A great CB and like I stated above that’s the Steelers weakness.

Haloti Ngata- Not going to happen but it’d be sweet.

Paul Posluszny I’ve always liked Paul, plus Farrior is a little old.

David Akers- Although Suisham did alright this year I’d love to see someone better.

Adam Vinatieri- Knows how to kick in weather and Hienz Field surely has it.

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