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Shortstop a Shortcoming of the Pirates.

Definition of SHORTCOMING

: an imperfection or lack that detracts from the whole; also:the quality or state of being flawed or lacking
Well that about explains the situation with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the position of shortstop. As of now the 2011 starter at SS will be Ronny Cedeno, who has a career OPS of  .640 and a -4.1UZR/150. Though if you watched any of the games this year you know that Cedeno’s offensive output isn’t much, and while he may look good on defense at some junctures of his game he is to inconsistent to hold down the starting  job.

Who will be the 2011 Pirates starting SS?

What other options do the have, I really don’t see them doing anything in the free agent market because nothing there really looks worth it.  However it was reported that the inquired about  free agent Orlando Cabrera, but with no real interest in him. The next thing you have to look at is the trade market where I believe they will find an upgrade over Cedeno. The three biggest possibilities I see are J.J. Hardy, Jason Bartlett, or Brendan Ryan. The one I’d like to see and feel is the most likely to happen is J.J Hardy because I see his career .746 OPS a definite upgrade over Cedeno, and his 11.0UZR/ 150 is also an upgrade, and the fact is they already tried to trade for him. I would hate to see the Pirates land Bartlett because as noted by Piratesprospects.com he just isn’t as good as it seems, because his offensive numbers were blown up in 09 his career year and his defense is on a steady decline. No matter what they do for next year the Pirates won’t have a superstar at SS but could have a good player in that spot, but who knows what they’ll do.
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