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Introducing Your New Punter Jeremy Kapinos.

As you all know by know starting punter Daniel Sepulveda has been lost for the year with a torn ACL in his right leg. Losing Sepulveda is losing a 45.5 average that’s 7th in the league. As we saw in 2008 when we lost Dan to the same injury it can be hard to find another reliable punter. As you can all remember we had to suffer watching Paul Ernster and his 31.6 average for a short period of time, and then had to deal with Mitch Berger and his 41.3 average.

Steelers New Starting Punter Jeremy Kapinos

Unfortunately The Steelers lose their star punter right in the midst of playoff football, and he is replaced by Jeremy Kapinos. Kapinos has been in the league since 2007 and the Steelers will be his fourth team. In college he played for Penn State and is their all time leader in punting yardage. During his collegiate career he was a finalist for the Ray Guy Award in 06, but was beat out by Daniel Sepulveda, and he was also a third team All-American. During his professional career he has had one full year 2009 with the Green Bay Packers. That year he punted 66 times with an average of 43.8 yards. He has already played this year for the Colts and has an average of 45.5 however that is only 4 punts. His career stat line has him punting 92 times for 3,944 yards, and that’s an average of 42.9 yards. Nothing spectacular, however looking at that he may be able to average/ above average for us. Most likely just average, but at least we won’t have to deal with below average/ awful like Berger and Ernster.

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